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One Tuesday a month evening anglophone-francophone Saint Nicolas

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Two dancing evenings anglophone-francophone per year

Yes, it is possible to eat an excellent cooked English breakfast in front of the fireplace in France! Where? At Marie and Bernard's who have les Chambres d'Hôtes Les Hortensias, 18 rue Ste Catheriene, St Porquier.  We ate sausages, bacon, fried eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms, toast with homemade jams, coffee, tea and fresh orange juice. Comments: Jean-Pierre said it was a pleasure to be together, Marie-Claire said we received a very warm welcome, ate delicious food and had a friendly English lesson, Claudie said Bernard cooked the breakfast for us, Monique and Jean-Pierre had a great time relaxing and sharing the moment, Marie-Pierre said the food was very good. They all agreed to "do" it again soon!