Et si nous parlions Anglais

Des cours de langue Anglais et Français

Des cours de langue Anglais et Français

Et si nous parlions Anglais


Repas  des « Valenciens » juin 2019














































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Pique Nique du 30 juin 2019

À Mirabel


On 30th June we had our annual picnic in the grounds of Fanny's house in Mirabel-a beautiful setting for a picnic. There were 44 of us and even Noddy joined came in his car!!  Luckily the weather had cooled down a bit because I was really worried about the heat! The men were given a cold beer to motivate them to take a turn in cooking the meat-most of them played ball.......As usual there was lots to eat and drink.  We all gathered round tables and sat on chairs, some even sang (thank you Montech) but most people just talked and laughed in the summer sun.  Thank you to our hostess and to all of you who came.  It was a delightful to finish the year.













Merci à toutes et tous qui ont pris les photos et à celles et ceux qui ont accepté de figurer sur le site.













Un mardi par mois soirée francophone-anglophone à Saint Nicolas

French/English evening last night in St Nicolas with a very good participation of 12 English speaking people, the French had their work cut out! As usual we ate and drank very well.


















Soirée du 16 mars 2019 à Asques

« Saint Patrick   »






















 By  Jacquie :

« A bit distant this room nestled in a very small village in the deep countryside but we do not regret having traveled this tortuous path…

Once again, Denise and her association organized perfectly this beautiful  evening. With the help of all the participants the meal was excellent but above all he reigned a warm, simple, human atmosphere….

But for me, the most  beautiful  will remain the shared emotion  to see Liliane accept to be carried away by the simplicity of the moment...she who had announced that it was out of the question that she was dancing finally ignited the track under the benevolent and protective eye of all… 

Liliane, did you just notice that, at one point, the whole room applauded you with the emotion of seeing you open the door to new joys?

Really this evening was unique, a beautiful moment of humanity and sharing that I am really happy to have lived! “


By Liliane :

“Saturday evening at seven o'clock, carpooling with Domi, Jacquie, Nicole and I; direction Asques.

After many small roads and turns in the countryside we saw an illuminated building filled with green people. We have arrived!
The room is nice, the buffet decorated and rich thanks to our hostess.

After honouring St Patrick in karaoke with Irish songs including a Molly Malone very speed, we started to dine while chatting.
Then a parade allowed ‘us to admire the different green costumes: the funny originality of Daniel and Lisette, the elegance of the couple Domi and Jacquie who won the prize. After that, the music called the dancers on the floor and dance after dance the party continued beyond midnight.

In summary, it was a warm and sympathical evening under the St Patrick protection. A total success thanks to the energy and efficiency of Denise our little green elf!!!!!”
























Repas  de fin saison  juin 2019

 End of the school year meal at the 'La Place' restaurant   in Montech.

 Thank you all for a very happy year together and meal.

From Nicole Morales