Et si nous parlions Anglais

Des cours de langue Anglais et Français

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Messagerie :

Bill, an American from Rochester, New York State: “I have been in France for a few months and I am pleased to be able to learn French with an experienced teacher, this will enable me to quickly integrate into my new home region”,

Adri, is Dutch from Utrecht, and is the treasurer of the association: “Monthly meetings on Tuesday evening between Francophones and Anglophones are a good way to continue the learning in a fun and pleasant way”.

Clare, is the English secretary to the association: “I really appreciate the links that bring together our communities. It means that the process of learning French is much more interesting”

Lionel, is French from Beaumont de Lomagne: “The association promotes the social link between all the groups, and we regularly meet up with friends”

Dolores, is originally from Spain:  “There is life before and after the group and Denise! I love preparing for my homework for the Tuesday class”.

Anne-Claire, is French and the youngest member of the St Nicholas group: “The meetings are my ray of sunshine for the week. I need to have more fluent English for my work”.

Bulle ronde: Anglais Together Montauban
We have English lessons on Wednesdays from 7h to half past eight.  This time suits us because we work.

Our hopes are:

Emilio: «to travel and speak with ease to foreigners, not just to survive.»

Christophe: «for my job and to be part of a very friendly group.»

Valérie: «to travel and to organise outings with the other members of the association.»

Josiane: «to exchange in English overseas news.»

Chantal: «to talk to my English neigbours.»

Françoise: «to travel and converse with my famly in law who live in America.»


We would like to be able to understand and be understood by English speaking people.  We are hoping to obtain a musical ear to speak like English people!

 We come back every year for Denise.