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Des cours de langue Anglais et Français

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The member include, Anne-Claire, Dolores, Lionel, Adri, Peter and Bill.

They are French, Dutch, and English or American, their occupations include: working in commerce, environmental specialist, and a retired computer programmer.

Yet a link unites them: the language lessons run by Denise Godwin.


It is now seven years that we have been assimilating to the English and French  languages, we have been to Oxford, and have had  the intricacies of the language of Shakespeare explained, but also that of Molière, there are opportunities to all those who wish to expand their linguistic horizons for personal or professional purposes.


You will find the association “And if we speak English?” in Beaumont de Lomagne, Castelsarrasin, and Montech and it has become, over time, almost an institution.

In 2012 a similar association ‘Anglais Together’ started in Montauban.


For this year, the associations are very strong with 64 members, and so they continue on a road full of promise.


Beyond courses, there are evening social meetings that emphasis oral practice in both languages, there are a variety of activities for all levels,  "so that everyone who attends feels comfortable in a warm atmosphere” explains our leading lady Denise. And the Annual meeting of September 11th 2013 confirmed the two annual dances (December 7th 2013, on the theme of world cultures, and April 2014 ) and picnic, in June.


In addition, members we will be travelling to Malta and London 2013-2014.

A good way to become familiar with the practice of the English language and its different accents and discovering other cultural variations.



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